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Japanese (Nihongo)

Address Shinko Building #510, 8, Kaigandori, Chuo-ku, Kobe,
650-0024, JAPAN
Tel +81-78-332-5515
+81-78-381-8753 (For Appointment)
Fax +81-78-332-5530
Website http://www.akagi-maritime-sogo.jp/en/

―Towards next 100th navigation―
AKAGI MARITIME SOGO LAW OFFICE, located in 神港ビルヂング(Shiko-Building) , 神戸旧居留地(Former Foreign Settlement of Kobe), has provided various services- from Maritime, Corporate & Commercial Law, to Civil Law, Family Law Cases. In 100 years, we handled various and numerous cases for our various kind of clients - including but not limited to companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
OUR SPIRIT is to cordially listen to the clients and do our best to find out the most accurate and best answer for them. In doing so, we think it's vital to seek the Truth lays behind the dispute. Such Truth can let you know what is the most accurate and best answer for our clients. The Truth shall reveal itself partly or fully whenever we seek it with through investigation and intensive legal analysis. We, based not only on our huge experiences but also through such investigation and analysis as mentioned above, always try to find out the Truth and answer for our clients.
We are very pleased to announce AKAGI MARITIEME SOGO LAW OFFICE celebrate 2018 as 100th Anniversary . We would like to go on next 100th navigation for all the people who support us with Great Hope and with the Spirit of past Yukio Akagi in our mind.
We are also be very grateful to introduce you our special advisor, Captain Katsuhiro Satoh. He worked as a Captain in NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA or NYK LINE, one of the mega carriers in the world for long years. Then, he worked as a pilot and was the chairman of Tokyobay Pilots' Association, and was the vice chairman of Japan Federation of Pilots' Associations. His knowledge and experience is special and we are sure our range of practices rapidly broadened by his great cooperation.
We shall try to keep high attention to our clients' needs, and study, think intensively and handle the cases swiftly to provide the best legal service to our clients.
We look forward to your contacts.

Practices       (1) MARITIME
 ・ Troubles related to Heavy Traffic Sea Area
   (Tokyo Bay, Ise Bay, Osaka Bay, Seto Inland Sea and so forth)
 ・ Marine, Air, Land CARGO CLAIM (claimant/defense)
 ・ Marine Insurance
 ・ Shipbuilding Contracts
 ・ Charterparty, Ship Sales and Purchase, Bill of Lading
   and other Maritime Contracts
 ・ Civil Provisional Remedy & Civil Execution
 ・ Civil Rehabilitation of Maritime Company
 ・ Collision & Marine Accident
 ・ Maritime Arbitration
 ・ Legal Advices on Shareholders Meeting
 ・ Product Liability
 ・ Intellectual Property
 ・ Labor tribunal case / Litigation
 ・ Soil Contamination, Construction
 ・ Bank, Financial Institution
 ・ Corporate Rehabilitation
 ・ Insurance
 ・ Others
 ・ Consultation of Civil Law / Commercial Law
 ・ Malpractice
Lawyers and Counsel Fumio Akagi Head partner, Attorney at law,
Marine Counselor
Junko Akagi Partner attorney-at law,
Marine Counselor
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