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List of Maritime Law Firms in Japan

Mimura, Komatsu & Yamagata Law Firm

Japanese (Nihongo)

NAME OF THE OFFICE Mimura, Komatsu & Yamagata Law Firm
ADDRESS Sapia Tower 8F, 1-7-12,
Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan
TEL 81-3-6273-4824 (Shipping & Logistics Section)
FAX 81-3-6273-4825 (Shipping & Logistics Section)
EMAIL Please click here (section email)
WEBSITE http://maritimelawyer.jp/en_index.html

In April 2020, Mr Yuji Okuchi, a lawyer with experience in maritime & logistics field, joined as a partner, and thus our Shipping & Logistics Section was established with Mr Okuchi being the Head of the Section. Our Shipping and Logistics Section will provide comprehensive services from a wide perspective, utilising practical experiences with a wide range of customers, such as shipowners, shipping companies, P & I clubs, insurance companies, shipyards, logistics companies, NVOCCs and forwarders, warehouse companies, ship management companies, trading houses, ship brokers, salvage companies, investors, financial institutions and leasing companies.
Mr Okuchi has various experiences, such as settlement of a lot of claims in a large ship sinking case, settlement of claims in international mediation case where three parties are involved, a winning settlement of a multi-billion-Japanese yen claim in shipbuilding dispute, advice in the event of a U.S. class action, assistance in competitive bidding, advice on a project involving the Government of Japan, advice to a new entrant in maritime & logistics field, preferential recovery using maritime lien during insolvency proceedings.


・Maritime and Logistics Matters including marine accident, charterparty, bill of lading, cargo claim, ship building, litigation and arbitration, crisis management, insolvency proceedings, debt collection
・ Commercial Transaction
・Corporate Affairs and Labour Matters
・IP law

Yuji Okuchi (Head of the Section)
Attorney at Law (Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association), Maritime Counselor
Atsuhiko Yamagata
Attorney at Law (Daini Tokyo Bar Association), Tax Accountant
Yasuko Shiokawa
Attorney at Law admitted in Japan (Daini Tokyo Bar Association) and the state of New York
Akiko Tomiyama
Attorney at Law (Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Kengo Nose
Attorney at Law (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
Masao Furusho
Emeritus Professor of Kobe University, Principal of National Institute of Technology, Oshima College, Captain, Doctor in Psychology